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About National Business Framework

Ever since the NBF was conceptualised and developed by businessgateways, it has received tremendous recognition and support for the innovation and productivity it offers to organisations of all shapes and sizes spread out in every part of the country!

After nearly three years of implementing the NBF Version 1.0 and having continuously listened to the needs of the SME Entrepreneurs and Corporate houses, businessgateways is proud to rollout the NBF Ver 2.0. This Version is packed with a completely new interface developed on a totally new Technology Framework Platform and existing users of the NBF will find the new Platform refreshing and more productive.

So what is NBF for the new comers?

The dynamics of business is rapidly changing in the current economic scenario wherein countries need to reach deep within its own potential and stimulate business growth to keep up with global competition. Local organisations that include Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) & Large Corporate Establishments are looking at ways and means to drive their business practices towards growth and success.

Visibility of your business and Connectivity to credible markets is the key to success in the business world. To be seen by the right segments and be continuously connected to the business action in the country can make a huge difference in the Sales and Supply Chain Systems for companies. Integrating grass root organisations at the national level would provide for an excellent branding of the nation's economic potential as well.

The National Business Framework (NBF) of businessgateways serves to precisely do that.The NBF is a unique online platform that showcases nationwide business network by integrating companies and providing them with a host of Core Services to drive their business growth. Irrespective of your business sector, size and location of your organisation, the NBF is the platform to stay connected with the mainstream national business. The tools that are provided to your organisation are based on many years of analysis by businessgateways and cater to the core needs of you and your dynamic team.

The NBF is not just a B2B Platform, it also supports companies to connect with various Governmental Bodies to help them Govern their business better.  The two way communication platform would enable the Governmental Body and your company to benefit from direct Mentoring of your business needs. All companies go through a due diligence process of standard verification procedures to ensure only 'Active' Companies are registered on this Platform.

The National Business Framework - Enhance. Expand. Excel your business!