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The Oil & Gas Operators in Oman have identified a major need to create a Joint O&G Supplier Base of Oman that would form the sourcing basis of their Procurement System. The Joint Supplier Registration System is to be a National initiative that would encourage credible suppliers - national and international, to register in the common pool. They would benefit from a 'Single Window Registration System' in order to tap into independent Operator opportunities and that would in turn give the Operators a direct connectivity into a 'cleansed' base of Suppliers in order to 'seek and identify' suppliers for their varying needs.

The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) that is developed and implemented by businessgateways is an 'Active' system on the National Business Framework of Oman that in addition to being registered on the O&G Supplier Base, drives value to the Suppliers through a host of other B2B services. The advantages of integrating the Suppliers through the National Business Framework are:

  • The National objective of bringing all credible Omani Companies (SMEs and Large) onboard one common B2B Platform that is professionally sectorised and integrated to the Governmental Framework is achieved
  • It gives a simple, seamless integration and opportunity for all Omani companies to register and apply to this unique initiative of the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Provides the Suppliers in Oman connectivity and exposure to the International markets through other National Business Frameworks in the near future
  • Attracts reputed International Suppliers interested in doing business with Oman's Oil & Gas Operators to connect and be made visible to the opportunities presented
  • Drives the In-Country Value initiatives of Oman's Oil & Gas Industry

The proposed national level system will have an immediate impact to strengthen the Supplier's other departments including their Supply Chain Mechanism by collaborating better with other companies on the National Business Framework. Such connectivity will eventually reflect in better services to the O&G Operators by the Supplier Community on the whole.

The Operators who tap into the Registered Pool of Suppliers on the JSRS Platform shall be able to have direct connectivity to the Suppliers in order to publish their procurement opportunities and short list Suppliers based on their respective Pre-Qualification Process.

The Suppliers will have a 360 view of all Operators on the Platform and seamlessly integrate with the individual operators by receiving and responding to their needs. The JSRS also provides for a strong ICV Management System for monitoring the Suppliers ICV performance which is a serious initiative by the Oil and Gas Industry of Oman. The JSRS is the Solution to promote Local Content, Transparency and Productivity within the Oil & Gas Industry of Oman.

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