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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NBF?

What is JSRS?

What is JSRS Buyers Community?

Who are the Oil & Gas Operating Companies using the JSRS?

Who are all the Other Industry Buyers?

What is the need for JSRS?

What is the difference between NBF and JSRS?

What are the Objectives of JSRS?

Once we join NBF, do we get automatic approval to JSRS?

What is the Role of businessgateways on JSRS?

What is JSRS certificate?

How soon can we connect to the JSRS?

What is Supplier Validation Form (SVF)?

When should we renew the JSRS Subscription?

How do we Renew the JSRS Certificate & Subscription?

What will happen if we do not renew our JSRS Certificate & Subscription?

My JSRS Certificate and Subscription have already expired and the grace period has lapsed as well. Can we still renew?

How do we get a notification about my JSRS Expiry date?

What are the Pricing Policies for Suppliers?

Do we need to pay separately for NBF and JSRS Platforms?

How many users from our company can be connected to the JSRS?

We are interested in joining the JSRS. What is the Registration Process?

As an International company wanting to join the Oman JSRS, what is the Registration Process?

We are already registered with the Ministry of Oil & Gas or some of the Operators in Oman. Do we still need to be registered on the JSRS?

What are the mode of payment methods available?

If we have any queries and requests regarding JSRS, whom should we contact for JSRS Support?