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About Business Gateways International

We are businessgateways!

Based in the Sultanate of Oman, we are an IT organisation implementing nationwide technology-driven projects that positively impact the growth of our subscribed business community.

Witnessing thousands of corporate companies joining businessgateways network from all over the world is proof that a simple idea in 2010 has transformed itself into a business model built on innovation, technology and sustainability - connecting the world of business in a way that is unique and exciting.

Our flagship portal hosts two powerful national e-service models namely:

Integrated as a single system, they are fast becoming the national procurement platform of Oman, connecting the world business community to the entire supply chain spectrum of Oman's Oil & Gas Industry and all other industries

What We Do?

The businessgateways community comprising the best-of-breed corporates houses thousands of Omani companies in the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) and Large categories operating alongside top international corporate giants in the e-marketplace. These Omani and International companies, together aim to tap into the huge business potential of Oman as both Buyers and Suppliers.

Tasked with developing and implementing some of the truly complex and intricate IT projects in the GCC, we constantly challenge our delivery models by:

  • listening to the business community,
  • understanding the needs of the buyers and suppliers alike and
  • raising our own delivery benchmarks to meet these expectations.

We take pride in the quality of our business network by accepting only the most authentic and the best corporate companies through our policy of business credibility through diligence. NBF and JSRS is the ideal Vendor Management System focusing on optimizing vendor co-ordination activities by providing an user-friendly interface with strong tracking and reporting tools. We strive to assure our subscribing organizations that each and every organization on businessgateways network have passed stringent checks of corporate compliance.

The result? A robust business ecosystem that is business-ready to take on true business opportunities and is THE Supply Chain source for major O&G Operators and other buyers in Oman.

Our Team

Of course, 'businessgateways' core asset is our fantastic workforce operating out of Oman and India who are driven by the passion to make a difference in the way businesses operate. Team spirit, professional ethics, hi-tech skillsets and fun - all form a mix in the daily life of a businessgateways-ian! We are obsessed by customer service and pride ourselves in our proactive support for our subscriber community worldwide and this is reflected in the smiles of thousands of appreciating users.

And we believe we got a good thing going!

Our Vision

To become the global stimulation platform for national economies through a network of businessgateways.

Our Mission

To Enhance Opportunities, Expand Reach and Excel Performance of our Corporate Members by integrating Human Excellence, Technology and Business Governance.

Our Corporate Slogan

Our entire business model is centred on you as our Corporate Customer and driven passionately by our Mission Statement. Whether you are a large business house or a small start up organisation with big ideas to sustain and grow, our Corporate Slogan reflects our value proposition on three major service objectives that we help you achieve:

Enhance . Expand . Excel

Enhance : Your business strengths (through higher visibility and high value partnerships)

Expand : Your business reach (through secure national and international expansion)

Excel : Your business performance (through constant operational support for various departments)

We at businessgateways believe that our concept is powerful and yet growing by the day. We constantly question and challenge ourselves in what more would our customers need to help drive your business. We listen to you and your needs and try to seek out professional service mechanisms that can be delivered to your doorstep through technology.

Our strong determination to tread an unchartered path based on pure innovation is set to give our corporate customers, a refreshingly different and productive experience.